Installing beautiful hardwood flooring gives a home’s décor instant style and added elegance, with a natural warmth and beauty that cannot be manufactured. With its many varieties, there is sure to be one for every person’s taste of style.

Hardwood flooring is quite amazing when you begin to consider the immediate benefits:

  • They are always in style
  • They last for decades
  • They look attractive with every change of décor
  • They are simple to clean
  • They can be restored to look like new simply with a sand and refinish
  • In most cases they can be repaired rather than replaced
  • Is an excellent choice for high-moisture areas of your home

But these are not all. Following are 10 more benefits to installing hardwood floors in your home that you may not have considered:

1. Immediately increases the value of your home.
It is the opinion of the majority of real estate professionals that homes with hardwood floors indeed sell faster and for more of a profit than do homes with carpet. Furthermore, to prospective buyers hardwood flooring makes a vast difference.
2. Never goes out of style.
You can easily update the décor in your home with different rugs, accents and furnishings without having to update the natural beauty of hardwood floors. They never go out of style as does trends of other flooring.  With simple maintenance, you can enjoy stunning hardwood floors that will retain their elegance and appeal through the years.
3. Durable.
Hardwood flooring is extremely durable, long lasting, and, if needed in future decades, can be fully restored to its original “new” splendor. Improvements in technology over the years have increased the durability and quality of hardwoods so that they will last for generations.
4. Simple to maintain.
With minimum care, hardwood floors will preserve their beauty and elegance for many years. They are very simple to clean and can even be cleaned using simply vinegar and water or other natural soap products. No cleaning chemicals or expensive cleaning equipment and tools are needed.  That’s one more reason to think about what a great investment it is.
5. A healthier environment.
Carpet fibers entrap dirt and grime, as well as bacteria, mold, dust, dust mites, and mildew.  Because hardwood floors are cleaner and healthier than carpet and improve indoor air quality, doctors who treat allergies recommend hardwood floors to patients with allergies, asthma and similar conditions.
6. Wide variety of hardwood flooring choices.
Today’s quality hardwood flooring allows for a broader range of colors, wood grains, widths, and a wider variety of types of wood than ever before, allowing you to find the perfect unique style for your home or business.
7. Quieter sound.
Hardwood flooring is a natural insulator that provides high insulation, making it a much quieter material than other flooring options because they must be installed over a subfloor. They also add strength structurally to a home’s construction.
8. Gets better with age.
Tones deepen and grain patterns emerge as years pass which adds to the original beauty of wood floors.  On any other flooring, scratches and stains are quite noticeable and unattractive; however, these same kinds of flaws add appeal and character to hardwood floors.
9. Safer materials.
When it comes to flooring that is slick or slippery, hardwood flooring is a far safer option as compared to laminates and other materials.
10. Environmentally friendly.
Hardwood floors are a natural resource that is equally renewable and recyclable, eco-friendly and environmentally safe.

Hardwood floors give lifelong beauty and elegance to your home. It’s an investment that will not only add value, but enjoyment and pleasure to your home for decades to come.

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